The BEST way to overcome fear is….

Taking Bold Action!

Every time you boldly take a step towards an end  goal, you start stripping away a piece of  what holds you back and start demystifying what you believe to be possible.  The more action you take, the more fear turns into confidence. 

Tip : What you focus on is what you will get more of.  Focus on taking bold action, and forget fear.  

Public Speaking in Chinese

My heart is racing.  Pounding.  “What if I forget the words?  What comes after this sentence?” “Will this make sense?” This is it…it’s show time! It is time to public speak in Chinese. 

Standing in the middle of my Chinese class, it dawns on me; a mere 10 months ago (February 2014) I did not even know how to order “chicken fried rice or beef noodles” in Chinese