Little Wins add up to make a BIG difference

The concept of “Little Wins” can highlight to yourself how awesome one's life really is. 

A quick story: 

Just last week, my friend and I were invited to attend this conference a few hours outside the city.  It started pretty early, so we consequently had to wake up even earlier; about 5:30a.m. 

We were driving along this empty highway when we noticed the sunrise creeping out of the horizon. 

Now, here is something that I personally take for granted every single day. (For the record, I love sunrises, just not the best morning person) 

I started thinking about all these little things that happen in our lives. All these little subtleties that are awesome, but we take for granted on a day-to-day basis.  


One of the hardest pieces of advice that I have ever heard is “to want what you have” 

That is so difficult given we live in an age of social media and it is so easy to create a perception of one’s life. We slowly develop these bad habits of wanting what other people have. 

We start feeling as if we are not good enough or we are not cool enough and ultimately, we reach the conclusion that our life is simply not as awesome.  

By acknowledging the little wins that happen throughout our day, we are able to show ourselves how amazing our life really is.  

Just think about it… 

When was the last time you went out of your way to see a sunrise or sunset?

When was the last time that you allowed yourself to sink into that cup of coffee or that cup of tea and you did not have to run off for a trivial reason?  

When was the last time that you acknowledged your lover's smile ?

These little wins though subtle are ever so present. 

New Challenge: 

Try it out! Before you go to sleep every night, try to pick out three to five little wins that you had throughout your day. 

It could be things that you are thankful for or things that you are grateful for. By doing this exercise, we are starting to build more of a positive mindset and begin showing ourselves how to live in an abundant fashion. 

I really believe that at the end of the day it is the little wins that add up to make a big difference. 

Question of the day : What are some of your favourite "little wins" ?  Comment in the section below! 


Live with passion, Live your dream and Live it NOW! 



How To Get Over Frustration

We all experience frustration from time to time.  

There is not enough time in the day.  The "to-do list" is getting longer and longer.  We feel overwhelmed and stressed towards the world.  

As Jim Rohn famously said "do not wish it was easier, wish you were better" 

I believe the answer is in our emotions.  Change only happens when we hit that turning point. 

Is everything art?

I have always been fascinated with this idea that everything in one’s life can be art.  From the way you carry yourself, to the way you treat others.  There is an unspoken artistic manner behind it all. 

At the highest level of any profession, one finds artistry.  They see beyond the numbers and the analytics.  Programmers call it “plugged in.”  Athletes refer to it as “in the zone.” No matter what one names it, no one can deny it. 

The BEST way to overcome fear is….

Taking Bold Action!

Every time you boldly take a step towards an end  goal, you start stripping away a piece of  what holds you back and start demystifying what you believe to be possible.  The more action you take, the more fear turns into confidence. 

Tip : What you focus on is what you will get more of.  Focus on taking bold action, and forget fear.  

Public Speaking in Chinese

My heart is racing.  Pounding.  “What if I forget the words?  What comes after this sentence?” “Will this make sense?” This is it…it’s show time! It is time to public speak in Chinese. 

Standing in the middle of my Chinese class, it dawns on me; a mere 10 months ago (February 2014) I did not even know how to order “chicken fried rice or beef noodles” in Chinese

What I learn from an 8 year old

Sitting on the plane, about to spend a month in western rural China traveling without too much of a plan. I was exhausted emotionally and physically from all the good-byes and “obligatory” parties in the previous weeks. I needed time for myself. 

I was hoping I could catch a few hours of sleep before landing so I can start my trip with energy and enthusiasm.  As I started drifting off, I noticed the person sitting next to me was a simple little girl.  I assumed that her family members were nearby and did not think too much of it. 

I woke up in a daze after a couple hours to find her jumping in the seat, full of energy.  Of course, kids.  We made eye contact and she begins to berate me  with questions.  Very direct questions.  

3 Lessons from traveling in Kunming

Confused. A touch of panic. Out of breath. I'm sitting on the bus in the outskirts of Kunming, China, and I do not have the slightest clue if I picked the right side of the road or not.  One will eventually take me to my destination and the other one will inevitably ruin the day-trip by placing me on the complete opposite side of the city.

As I sat there catching my breath, I pondered : how did this happen? I was so diligent in my research, I used the top resources, I had ample time to prep, and still, it came down to a 50/50 gamble. I realized this situation resembles a great deal of what we face in business and in life.