bold action

6 week goals can make you accomplish more

What have you accomplish in the last three weeks?

I launched a video “the six week goal challenge” a few weeks ago,  challenging people to pick one goal that they can commit to and try to achieve a specific result in a six week time frame.

The response has been pretty amazing.  Goals have been ranging from traveling , to students finishing their exams, to  even people getting businesses and projects ready to launch.

 At the same time, I got questions on "why" the six week time frame and is this effective?

The BEST way to overcome fear is….

Taking Bold Action!

Every time you boldly take a step towards an end  goal, you start stripping away a piece of  what holds you back and start demystifying what you believe to be possible.  The more action you take, the more fear turns into confidence. 

Tip : What you focus on is what you will get more of.  Focus on taking bold action, and forget fear.