chinese bamboo

1 Story That Will Make You Feel Better About The World

Do you have patience? Do you have any faith in what you are doing?


Right now, I am seriously lacking in both of these departments.  


Part of me is filled with so much excitement because I am launching my goal-setting course on Udemy next week.


But the other half of me is filled with so much frustration.  It is simply taking so much longer than I originally thought.


I wanted to intro this clip of a talk I did earlier this year to a high school. It’s on the topic of having more patience and having more faith.


It is holds up well today because we live in a society where it is typically a go-go-go mentality and as young people we want all these amazing things to happen in our lives and then we get upset when they do not happen immediately.


Public Announcement: Change takes time.


I think we all need this reminder in our lives. To be more patient with others, and to be more patient with the changes that we are trying to see in our life. I hope this video/story is able to serve you.


I will give you guys more information on the Udemy course when it is happening you, you guys probably will have access to that next Monday.


“Another one is having faith and I actually learned about this when I was living in Shanghai. Are you guy’s familiar with a Chinese bamboo tree? Or you have heard of bamboo, right?


The Chinese bamboo trees… there is a weird way that they grow and you have to have faith essentially when you initially plant the seed. 


When you plant the seeds you have to constantly water it, you have to constantly make sure that you know it is getting enough sunlight and you have to do this for 4 years without any result.


It won’t actually break through the ground for four years so you have to do it in good faith that you are doing this on a daily basis. Finally, on the fifth year, it actually breaks through to the ground and in six weeks it’s able to actually grow…


It grows to 90 feet in 6 weeks.


The question now becomes


“Did it grow ninety feet in six week? Or “Did it grow ninety feet in five years?”


The answer is it took FIVE years.


It took all four years of watering and sunlight.

For you to get to your dreams,

-       It is going to take you reading hundred of books,  

-       You are going to do hundreds of homework assignments. (They were high school students after all)

-       You have to talk to the right people

-       You have to nurture your own art.

-       You have to figure what you really want to do

-        You have to set these goals.

-       You have to fail

-       You have to succeed

-       You have to do the 100,000 things before you actually get to what you want


All that time is necessary. That entire five years is necessary.


If you miss like a day of watering or if it did not have enough sunlight, that seed would die and it would just stay in the ground.  (Inc. a picture of bamboo somewhere)


It would never be ninety feet, it would never even be one feet.


You have the have faith when you are pursuing your goals.


If you are going through a tough time right now, it is ok. Whether it is in your relationships, your job, your business, whatever it is, it is ok.


You are exactly where you need to be.


Have patience. Have faith.