The Real Reason You Set Goals

Today is the end of the six week goal challenge and it is also the end of Q1 for 2015. As we look back over the last six weeks to 3 months, I only see growth and improvement in all areas of my life.

Some participants have sent me messages and comments expressing a dissatisfaction with themselves and their progress. I thought I would address the real reason behind goal setting and how it fits into our lives from a macro perspective. 

From motivation to Kanye West, I tried to do it all in this one. 

This video is dedicated to all participants of the six week goal challenge and to those who simply need the reminder that it is always "progress over perfection." 


Did you miss the initial 6-week goal challenge?  No worries! You can catch part 1 and part 2 here.  

Question of the day :

What are the 2-3 things that you are most proud of achieving in the last 3 months? 


Did you enjoy the video? If so, could you leave a comment on the section below or on YouTube.  I read all the comments and they keep me going. Thanks for watching!  

Live with passion, live your dream, live it now!