Secret Tool To Help You In The New Year

Considering it is the holiday season,  I am sure we are all in a reflective mood.

We look back at the last few months, our year and see how we did. 

We are also excited for the future. Excited for the road ahead. The possibilities.

I have a tool that I would like to share with you today. It’s called the Intention Letter. 


This tool is something I have been working on and testing on myself for the last year, and it has had some phenomenal results. Perhaps it can help you as well.

My intention in this post is to tell you why I write the letters and the reasoning behind the magic. It has the power to change your life.


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Now for the readers... 


The inspiration behind the letter?


The Intention Letter is a combination of visualization tools and by what some entrepreneurs call “90-day letters.” 

Why 90 days you might ask? 

There is a lot of research out there that points to the fact that we are unable to see past what needs to happen or what can happen within 90 days.

In you guys remember the interview I had with Jayson Gaignard in episode 29, he mentioned that he has a friend who is a venture capitalist that does not believe in business plans. 

When asked why ”...because all business plans without fail, project themselves making money from Day 1 and also doubling down on growth for the next 5 years.”

If that was the real case then everyone would be a successful entrepreneur.

There would be no point to the struggle or telling each other to hustle more.

Unfortunately, that is not the reality. Remember, if it was easy, then everyone would do it 


Back to the intention letters… 

It is a tool to help you visualize your next 90 days and do it in a manner that is not so esoteric and logically makes sense for the common mind to follow.

It is very straightforward. This is how it is done.


You write yourself a letter with the date 90 days from now. (Ex: Imagine if today was January 1st, you would write April 1st as the date of your letter) 

When you write the letter, you write the letter as if you were living on April 1st looking back to today.

As you write the letter, recount the epic three months that just happened.

 Pretend as if you are telling your friend this wild adventure you have just been on and try to include as much detail you can. 

The more vivid the better.

By changing the lens of your perspective, you are going to be predicting the next 90 days of your life.

You will also be writing everything in the past tense. Once again, as if everything has already happened and you are simply stating the truth. 

This tool works for a few reasons.


1. It grounds your visualization.


Instead of constantly looking outward and trying to imagine what is not real.

Seeing is believing right? Well, sometimes you gotta make yourself a believer in a different manner.

If you know anything about me, I believe it all comes down to action to begin with. Act as if and the doors of the universe will bow down to you.

Words are words. But actions speak volume to the character of your being.

Trust me, I love all the visualization tools as well, but I always wondered how I can make it more concrete for myself.

This is one of the ways that I have come up with.

By writing everything in the past tense, you can trick yourself and your brain that these AMAZING things have already happened.

It is more believable and powerful than reading affirmations to yourself every morning and night and having your brain call you out. 

With this tool, I was able to predict my international speaking engagement earlier this year in Portugal.

 I was also able to predict having my first group of students run through my pilot program on Personal branding.

I literally wrote down “10 students” and guess what, I had 10 students ;)


2. This tool leverages your FULL intention


They say, what we constantly think about, we become.

However, we are emotional beings. We can feel the energy at times. 

It has certainly happened to you. When there is passion, there is love, there is depression, it’s a feeling first, then we rationalize with thought. 

One of the first books I re-read this year was a book by Lynne McTaggart called Intention experiment, where she talks about our intention is what guides our energy.

 She talks about how it starts with intention and then the rest of the “Secret Formula” falls into place 

In her book, she cites all these wild experiments with people around the world sending intention to various objects such as changing water participles, to heal each other and they document their results on their websites.

This post is not meant to debate if you believe in prayer or not. But if you are going to entertain this exercises, then for the sake of the exercise, believe that your intention will make a difference. 

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.”
- Henry Ford


So let me ask you this...What do you think you are going to accomplish in the next 90 days?

There is a superb quote from Philip Mckernan, who I recently interviewed (Will be releasing episode in 2016) where we do a deep dive on intuition and it gets pretty crazy...He said, “We typically give ourselves what we deserve.”

Perhaps, it is not what you believe will happen in the next 90 days, but rather how much do you feel you deserve it?

 What do you deserve? We give ourselves what we deserve.

Food for thought.


3. It gives you space to dream big, but plenty of rooms to mess up.


Isn’t that what personal development and personal growth are all about?

Pushing us past what we thought our previous limitations were, and onto new horizons. 

I am not going to stand here and tell you that everything on my letters came true for myself. 

In fact, I missed the mark on more than 50% of the things I wrote down.


  • I did not hit my projected revenue goals for the quarter or the year for that matter.
  • I am not location independent...yet
  • I did not land any more international speaking opportunities…yet


But look at it this way, I had the courage to write them down. 

Do you have the courage to dream BIG?!


In episode 36, we talked about executing faster. It is not about doing it all on the first try, rather it is about moving through the steps quickly and successfully.

 Think not A to Z in one shot, but focus rather A to B, B to C etc...

 That is why I believe the intention letters works. 

It allows you to dream as big as possible, but still holds you accountable to yourself, because you are writing it in the past tense.

 You are also going to be reading them aloud to yourself every morning and night.

If you don’t accomplish the things you set out to do, you get to figure out why?

Ask yourself - What else you need to make happen before that action becomes a reality?


Next Steps...


I write one of these intention letters to myself every 90 days.

Every time, I push myself to dream big, but I also try to write how I did it.

Sometimes, it is a complete guess. 

  • I have written down the name of potential mentors before and thanked them, but they never really mentored me after we first met.
  • I have written down things that I have accomplished already, but in reality, they are still a work in progress.


The thing here is not to focus on what you have not achieved but focus on the possibility. On what you can achieve. 

There’s that startling stat that 66% of people quit their New Years resolution one month into the year. 

What do these people do for the rest of the year?

“ Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.”
- Albert Einstein


Don’t let 2016 be like every year. You need to raise the standard on everything.

On your health and well being. On your relationships with friends and co-workers, with your family. 

Can you give more love? How about more compassion? Can you be even more present in your daily routine?

Don’t aim to do it all at once. Chunk it down to 90 days and write your Intention Letters TODAY!

Let me know how it feels or how it goes with your own intention letters (in the COMMENT section below) 

I am here to help you have the most kickass 90-days of your life yet :) 


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