The Flaw of "The Secret"

Greetings from beautiful Porto!


This week, I have been doing some serious pondering and I wanted to talk about the flaw of “The Secret”


Before we jump into this, I want to give you guys just a little background on why I’m writing this. I am here in Portugal because I am doing a talk in Lisbon tomorrow at the NOVA Entrepreneurship Society and, as most you know, I started speaking at the professional level only a few short months ago.


A lot of people have been coming up to me and commenting – saying:


“Well this is an amazing opportunity”

“How did this happen”

“What is your secret?”


This led me to start thinking a lot about the book “The Secret” and if you are not familiar with the book, it’s a novel that came out about nine or ten years ago.


Essentially it talks about the Law of Attraction - “like attracts like.” The author claims that we could start attracting all the things now we want in our lives whether its better relationships or more money or better health.


As long as we “ask” and as long as we “believe” we will “receive” This is the gist of theme throughout the book they present.


A huge flaw on this entire framework is that nowhere in the book does it mention taking any specific action!


This is a huge mistake because I feel a lot of people that are just getting into personal development they ask for what they want they want. Ex : more money, they want to start their businesses, they want better relationships, better health etc…


They believe they can get it and then they just sit and “hope” that it’s going to happen.


Well, the truth about wishful thinking and hoping is that is you are never going to achieve a great result on that alone.


How I got the speaking engagement - I actually went out and I did something about the result I wanted to see in my life (to speak in front of thousands and spread the message of overcoming fear) I realize that taking action is a better alternative than just sitting around hoping that my life will change for the better.


I went out I connected with the right people. I went to different events each week to try to seek out like-minded people. I focused on quality over quantity. I

I did hours and hours of research on my topic to have a deeper understanding of my topic and it’s respective audience.


I did weekly blogs about my journey.  I learned how to craft my messages through videos (Drastic improvements from 1st video) I spend endless hours rehearsing in empty rooms and to my plants before presenting in front of audiences.


And over the course of building all of this, there came an opportunity to speak in Lisbon.


It’s not because I sat in a room and just imagined myself in Portugal with this speaking engagement


So if you have a very specific target or you have a very specific result that you want your life…


Stop sitting around just thinking it is just going to happen or that it will just fall out of the sky for you.


You have to actually go out and take some action.


“Knowing is not enough we must apply, being willing is not enough you must do it” – Bruce Lee


So the new framework should not be “ask, believe, receive”

It should rather be “ask, believe, just do it”  


I dare you to actually take some action on what it is you want to do. Actually take some risk and live for once in your life.


Risk failing and risk putting yourself out there.


Through this, I promise that you will generate a new type of energy in your life that will stir up the pot.


It will stir your body and mind until you start manifesting a different type of result.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Good or bad, I welcome your feedback. 


Live with your passion, live your dream, and live it now!