They say the average human attention span is one second less then of a goldfish. I believe this stems from all these social media channels and all these content platforms that are pulling for your attention. They are competing for the same eyeballs, our eyeballs, and it is creating a big problem.

Our focus is being pulled in every possible direction so what are we suppose to focus on? From home to school to work, we are constantly distracted.  

So how do we reverse this process? How do we reclaim our focus freedom?

One of my favourite movies is called “The Princess Bride” (1987) As a kid, I fell in love with the story and there is one character named “Inigo Montoya”  

Inigo Montoya watched his father get killed at a very young age by a man with 6 fingers… (How awesome is this movie, right?) And thus, he dedicated his life to being an expert swordsman so that he can avenge his father’s death.

Through this story, we learn two important lessons :


Lesson 1 - Consistency is the key to mastery

Think Malcolm Gladwell with the infamous, 10,000 hours of doing any activity to become a master at said activity. The more you do something, the more you find ways to get better at it, the better you ultimately become. What are you putting your 10,000 hours towards?


Lesson 2 - What you choose to focus on, you will get/see more of

This happens quite often when you purchase a new vehicle.  You start seeing this car everywhere. (On the highway, the parking lot, the neighbourhood etc…) It is because whatever you choose to focus on you will always get/see more of it.  



The simple truth:

Inigo Montoya focused and dedicated his life to being an expert at his craft. In the end, he was able to avenge his father because of his focus on this particular mission. 

Where our focus goes is where our attention goes, and where our attention goes is where our energy goes.  

If we have this grand vision of ourselves, we have this grand goal, all we have to do is just focus on achieving a certain picture. By focusing on achieving a desirable result, we will begin to attract the right people, the right process, and the correct method.

What if we do not have a grandiose picture of ourselves? What if we do not have these lavish goals? 

Well, can we not at least focus on the good in our lives? Can we not at least focus on joyous moments and moments that bring us happiness?  

Would it not be worth it to try to amplify that?

Just a thought…


Question of the day: What do you spend majority of the day focusing on?


(Please answer in comment section below. I read reply to all the comments myself and every little bit keeps me going)


Live with passion, live your dream, and live it now!