6 week goals can make you accomplish more

What have you accomplish in the last three weeks?

I launched a video “the six week goal challenge” a few weeks ago,  challenging people to pick one goal that they can commit to and try to achieve a specific result in a six week time frame.

The response has been pretty amazing.  Goals have been ranging from traveling , to students finishing their exams, to  even people getting businesses and projects ready to launch.

 At the same time, I got questions on "why" the six week time frame and is this effective?


There is really a two-part answer.

1)      Parkinson’s Law

The goal will fit the timeline that you choose for it.

For the students reading this or if you think back to your academic days, this is the reason why you were able to write essays and finish projects the night before it is due even though you have been given weeks or months to do the task.   

By making people select an annual goal and break it into six-week chunks, it becomes more digestible.  They are actually able to use what’s called "strategic urgency" and utilizing this method, they are actually able to achieve more, see more tangible results, and ultimately, create the needed momentum to tackle their larger goals.

2)      Stop Dabbling

The second reason is to stop people from dabbling. Society as a whole, we have created these bad habits of dabbling into many different goals and various ideas, but never actually achieving a great result in any one department.

By having people pick one goal at a time within a 6-week time frame, they can actually focus their time and energy into achieving a specific result and begin to see incremental progress. 

For people to even have a commitment for six weeks and see it through, it changes their psychology and helps strengthens their mentality when it comes to goal setting.

What is success? 

Success is not about achieving the goal. It is about progress and being able to celebrate your little wins on the way. 

For the people that have been doing this the last three weeks, they are able to look back and see the progress they have made as well as be feel a sense of gratitude towards the learning opportunities.  Now, they can even visualize themselves going forward and finishing this six-week goal challenge.

If this message resonates with you, I encourage you to jump on board to try a 6 week goal challenge for yourself.  All you have to do is comment below and by doing so, you are using your word to hold yourself accountable. 

No one is going to force you to be productive and chase your own dream. 

What is your 6 week goal? 

Go for it.