Overcoming the Fear of Death


One of the greatest fears that we all share is the infamous “Fear of Death”


That is because it is all unknown. Unlike the Internet, nothing is indexed and through our religion and stories, we attempt to depict what really happens when we finally pass away, but the reality is that no one really knows. 


The Internet is filled with articles and lists of peoples' top regrets as they lay on their deathbed. “Top five regrets, top 10 regrets…” You know the type that I am talking about.


After reading a few, patterns start to emerge. “I wish I had the courage to pursued my dreams, I wish I could have been more honest with myself and with others, I wish I would have tried etc….”


The best imagery I ever heard of this is by Les Brown.


He says “Imagine for a second that you are on your deathbed and surrounding you, instead of your families and friends are these monsters. These monsters are representative of the dreams that you never took action on. As they look at you with their glaring eyes, they yank you up and they ask “Why? Why did you not take action on us? We came to you!”


Powerful image right?


Even Jay-Z says “ I am not afraid of dying, I am afraid of not trying” At the end of the end of maybe that is it. Maybe all we have to do is pursue our dreams.


We have to write the books that we were meant to write

We have to sing the songs that we are meant to sing

Create the businesses and cultivate relationships that we were meant to have


There is a beautiful quote from Robin Sharma “ when you are born into this world, everyone around you rejoices while you are crying, make sure to leave this world as you rejoice and everyone around you is crying”

I think the only way to do that is to try to be iconic. Attempt to be Legen-dary 

To really pursue all the things that we want to do. Every last inkling, remaining desire, and mysterious adventure. Any option that left you thinking twice. Take it.

Maybe only then, at the end of our lives we can look fear in the eye, we can look death in the eye and we can say that we put it all out there.

We lived our lives fully and we left the world a better place then when we were here.

Overcoming the fear of death is about living with no regrets. If we can find the courage to do everything that we are meant to do, death will only become the next adventure.  


Question of the day: Do you have a dream that scares you? If so, do you have the courage to share it with us in the comment section below? (I triple dog dare you) 


Live with passion, live your dream, and live it NOW!